Benchmarking Analysis Report

BCISM welcomes the industry players to submit their past or future projects information in exchange for a benchmarking analysis report for the project. Furthermore, with the submission of information, the players will contribute to raise the quality of benchmark data in the construction sector and eventually support the industry drive for efficiency. Benchmarking allows you to compare your project’s performance to that of other similar projects, facilitating strategic decisions and continuous development. Information provided is confidential, none of which will be published without your own or the client’s concern.


This benchmarking analysis has been prepared following submission of estimated construction project information to the Building Cost Information Services Malaysia (BCISM).

The project was analysed using BCISM Elemental Cost Analysis (ECA) to produce cost/m2 GFA and the summary is shown in this report. Projects with the same function and specifications were selected and the cost are updated to reflect the projects with the same time and location as the submitted project before benchmarking can be done.

The submitted project has been compared with a sample of 5 similar projects.

Project Details

Building Function

Industrial - Light Duty Factory


Shah Alam, Selangor


RM 1,500,000

Gross Floor Area

750 m²


Q2 2023

Benchmark Analysis Report

The bar chart below shows the benchmarked project with 5 comparable projects. Please note that the benchmarked project is excluded in the calculation of mean price shown.

Benchmarked project cost more than the mean price by RM 208/m²

The table and chart above show the cost (per m²) difference between the benchmarked project and mean price of the comparable projects.

The element showing the largest cost difference is preliminaries which is 156% higher than the mean of similar projects. However, the lines movement are very similar to each other which implicate the cost proportion of the project is balance.


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