Architectural modelling

CYPE Architecture

3D architectural modelling program, specifically designed for multidisciplinary collaboration.


Architectural modelling is the first step in most BIM projects. During this phase, the building concept begins to take shape, and the spaces, uses, ergonomics, configuration and aesthetics of the building are established. Within CYPE software, this task is carried out in CYPE Architecture, which allows professionals to develop an architectural model from the sketch phase through to the development of a detailed BIM model.

Site management

Open BIM Site

Site management and geolocation of the project and its surroundings.


Open BIM Site is a free application for defining the initial conditions of a project site. Using this tool, users can establish the geographical location of the models, manage different types of maps, enter topographic surfaces and add elements specific to the site, such as parcels and buildings.

Building elements

CYPE Construction Systems

Description of the construction systems that make up the envelope and internal partitioning of buildings.


CYPE Construction Systems is a tool to define the technical features of the construction systems that make up the envelope and internal partitioning of buildings.

Clash detection

Open BIM Model Checker

Tool to check BIM projects, including management of issues of the model.


Open BIM Model Checker is an application developed to analyse and inspect BIM models. The aim of this program is to help users detect issues in the models, locate clashes between the different disciplines and consult the project’s documents quickly and easily.

Graphical documents

Open BIM Layout

Drawing layouts with views and sections that have been created based on BIM models.


Open BIM Layout is a free computer tool, whose main objective is to generate views and dimensions and provide the layout of technical drawings using BIM models (floors plans, elevations, sections and axonometric perspectives).

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