MTWO Complete Construction Cloud

MTWO Complete Construction Cloud is an integrated 5D BIM enterprise cloud platform for contractors, asset owners and developers to accelerate their digital transformation journey. It helps AEC companies move away from digitalization with the ‘tool thinking mindset’into a ‘platform thinking’ one. It enables all teams on construction projects to perform their day-to-day work and collaborate throughout the project lifecycle in the same platform.

The connectivity and consistency between different work areas is one of the key values of the platform. All participants work within the same database, all data is stored in one place, and all processes are connected. Comprehensive project reports are generated quickly and easily, and you own the data to optimize your processes and keep you ahead of the competition.

MTWO is the most complete, integrated and intelligent solution for the AEC industry. It supports 5D BIM project lifecycle management, enterprise digitalization, data analytics and data-driven decision making. The result is streamlined workflows, more efficient collaboration, lower risk, shorter project duration and unprecedented productivity.

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