About MyCESMM2

MyCESMM2 is a single measurement standard, which can be used as a single basis in Bills of Quantites (BQ) preparation for civil engineering works, tender documents preparation and submission by consultants as well as tender costing by contractors.

MyCESMM2 stipulates the definition, description, rules of measurement, and coverage, which can be apply in even the smallest civil engineering project. Through the use of MyCESMM2, cost-effective projects are more achievable as the same standard measurement is used for all related works.

From the 2001 CESMM, the standard evolved into MyCESMM in 2013. Through rigorous adaptation of CESMM3 (UK), CESMM4 (UK) and current local practices, the standard is now known as MyCESMM2.

Why do you need myCESMM2?

  1. Efficient BQ preparation
  2. Competitive and consistent pricing
  3. Simplifies estimations, valuations and cost control formulation
  4. Easy benchmarking of future cost comparison

What’s new in this edition?

  1. Updated with the latest information for more accurate costing and pricing preparation
  2. Reflects international (CESMM4 – UK) and current local practices
  3. 3 newly revised Work Classes : Classes I, O and S
  4. New Work Classes added :
    • Class P (Pipe Rehabilitation Works)
    • Class U (Mechanical & Electrical Works)
    • Class W (Provisional & Prime Cost Sum)
  5. Vertical layout for easy referencing and readability